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French Expressions Using Bout

The French word un bout literally means the end of something or a bit of something. But bout has other meanings as well and is also used in dozens of idiomatic expressions, noun clauses, and prepositional phrases. Learn how to say at arms length, on its last legs, the middle of nowhere, and more with this list of expressions with bout. Possible Meanings of un bout bitendlength (of rope)patch (of sky, land)piecescraptip Expressions with bout le bout de lanmemorial serviceun bout du doigtfingertipun bout dessaiscreen test, test filmun bout filtrefilter tip (cigarette)un bout du mondethe middle of nowhere; the ends of the earthun bout de rà ´lebit part, walk-on partun bout du seinnippleun bout de terraina patch/plot of landun bon bout de cheminquite a ways, a fair distanceun bon bout de tempsa good while, quite some timeun (petit) bout de chou/zan (informal)a little kidun petit bout de femme (informal)a mere slip of a womanun petit bout dhomme (informal)a mere scrap of a manà   bout de brasat arms lengthà   bout carrà ©square-tippedà   bout de courseon its/ones last legs(tech) at full-strokeà   bout de forcesexhausted, worn outà   bout de lià ¨gecork-tippedà   bout de soufflebreathless, out of breathà   bout rondround-tippedà   bout portantpoint-blankà   bout de soufflebreathless, out of breath; on its last legsà   tout bout de champall the time, at every opportunityau bout deat the end/bottom of; afterau bout du compteall things consideredau bout du filon the other end of the telephoneau bout dun momentafter a whilebout à   boutend to endde bout en boutfrom one end to the otherdu bout dewith the ends ofdu bout des doigtswith ones fingertipsdu bout des là ¨vresreluctantly, half-heartedlydun bout à   lautrefrom one end to the other, from start to finishdun bout à   lautre de lannà ©eall year longen bout deat the end/bottom ofen bout de courseon its/ones last legs; ultimatelyjusquau bout(right) to the endjusquau bout des onglesthrough and through, right to ones fingertipssur le bout deon the tip ofsen aller par tous les bouts (informal)to be falling apartapplaudir du bout des doigtsto clap half-heartedlyconnaà ®tre un bout de (informal)to know a thing or two aboutà ªtre à   boutto be exhausted; to be angry, out of patienceà ªtre à   bout deto be out ofà ªtre au bout de ses peinesto be out of the woods; to have no more troublesà ªtre au bout du rouleau (informal)to be exhausted; to be running out of money; to be near deathfaire un bout de chemin ensembleto be together for a while (as a couple)joindre les deux boutsto make ends meetlire un livre de bout en boutto read a book cover to covermanger du bout des dentsto nibblemettre les bouts(fam) to skedaddle, scarpermontrer le bout de son nezto show ones face, peep around (the corner, door)parcourir une rue de bout en boutto go from one end of a street to the otherpointer le bout de son nezto show ones face, peep around (the corner, door)porter quelque chose à   bout de brasto struggle to keep something goingpousser quelquun à   boutto push someone to the limit / too farprendre quelque chose par le bon boutto handle/approach something the right waysavoir quelque chose sur le bout du doigt / des doigtsto know something inside and outtenir le bon bout (informal)to be on the right track; to be past the worst of somethingvenir à   bout de nounto get through, succeed, overcome somethingvoir le bout du tunnelto see the light at the end of the tunnelÇa fait un (bon) bout (de chemin). (informal)Thats a long way.Ce nest pas le bout du monde  !It wont kill you! Its not the end of the world!Commenà §ons par un bout.Lets get started / make a start.Le soleil montre le bout de son nez.The sun is (barely) out.On ne sait pas par quel bout le prendre.You just dont know how to handle/approach it.​ On nen voit pas le bout.There doesnt seem to be any end to it.

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Primary and Secondary Sources Their Meaning in History

The concept of ‘primary’ and ‘secondary’ sources is key to studying and writing history. A ‘source’ is anything that provides information, from a manuscript where words tell you things to clothes that have survived centuries and provide details on fashion and chemistry. As you can imagine, you cant write history without sources as you would be making this up (which is good in historical fiction, but rather problematic when it comes to serious history.) Sources are usually divided into two categories, primary and secondary. These definitions would be different for the sciences  and the below apply to the humanities. Its worth learning them, they are vital if youre taking exams. Primary Sources A ‘Primary Source’ is a document that was written or an object which was created, in the time period in which you are working. A ‘first hand’ item. A diary can be a primary source if the author experienced the events they recall, while a charter can be a primary source of the act it was created for. Photographs, while beset with problems, can be primary sources. The key thing is they offer a direct insight into what happened because they were created at the time and are fresh and closely related. Primary sources can include paintings, manuscripts, chancellery rolls, coins, letters and more. Secondary Sources A ‘ Secondary Source’ can be defined in two ways: it is anything about a historical event which was created using primary sources, and/or which was one or more stages removed from the time period and the event. A ‘second hand’ item. For instance, school textbooks tell you about a time period, but they are all secondary sources as they were written later, usually by people who weren’t there, and discuss the primary sources they used when being created. Secondary sources frequently quote or reproduce primary sources, such as a book using a photograph. The key point is that the people who made these sources are relying on other testimony rather than their own. Secondary sources can include history books, articles, websites like this one (other websites might be a primary source to ‘contemporary history’.) Not everything ‘old’ is a primary historical source: plenty of medieval or ancient works are secondary sources based on now lost primary sources, despite being of great age. Tertiary Sources Sometimes you will see a third class: the tertiary source. These are items like dictionaries and encyclopedias: history is written using both primary and secondary sources and shrunk down to the basic points. Weve written for encyclopedias, and tertiary is not a criticism. Reliability One of the primary tools of the historian is the ability to study a range of sources and assess which is reliable, which suffers from bias, or most commonly which suffers from the least bias and can be best used to reconstruct the past. Most history written for school qualifications uses secondary sources because they are effective teaching tools, with primary sources introduced and, at a higher level, as the dominant source. However, you can’t generalize primary and secondary sources as reliable and unreliable. There is every chance a primary source can suffer from bias, even photographs, which are not safe and must be studied just as much. Equally, a secondary source can be produced by a skilled author and provide the best of our knowledge. It’s important to know what you need to use. As a general rule the more advanced your level of study the more youll be reading primary sources and making conclusions and deductions based on your insight and empathy, rather than using secondary works. But if you want to learn about a period quickly and efficiently, selecting a good secondary source is actually best.

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Is Media Violence Pernicious - 983 Words

Is Media Violence Pernicious? In recent decades, the emergence of television and the internet have made information and entertainment alike more accessible than ever before. By extension, this increased availability encompasses violent entertainment as well. As access has risen, media violence has become a rather contentious issue. There is currently a stark division surrounding the topic between those who believe that violent media is pernicious, and those who believe it is harmless, or even cathartic. I have always found this schism rather baffling; personally, I believe that the topic attracts too much attention, and that conversation and efforts at regulation are better spent elsewhere. Though it may seem somewhat counterintuitive, that is precisely why I decided to research the issue further. In this essay I will explore the potential risks or benefits associated with consuming violent media, and any potential behavioral correlations. There is overwhelmingly more research concer ned with potential negative consequences of violent media than potential positive ones. Despite this, no definitive causal link has been established between simulated violence and actual violence. However, there is some evidence supporting the view that violent media is linked to negative psychological traits. One such example is a widely peer reviewed, 2003 study that evaluated college age adults for aggression and hostility prior to and after exposure to music with graphic lyrics (Anderson etShow MoreRelatedYouth and the Media Essay1247 Words   |  5 PagesYouth and the Media A major stepping stone in the path of contemporary youth is that of the media and it’s all to often fatalistic, unfavourable and adverse representation of today’s youth. The media primarily are modes of communication in contemporary cultureRead MoreThe Representation Of Miss Representation Essay1757 Words   |  8 Pageshow the media plays a significant role in the way women are portrayed in modern culture and society. The documentary forces us to realize the gruesome reality of how women are disempowered, sexualized and misrepresented in the media, and how this ultimately limits their roles in areas of social life such as politics and leadership and also has a negative effect on the way people perceive women. The title Miss Representation signifies how women are essentially â€Å"misrepresented† in the media in today’sRead MoreRacism Is A Burden That Confuses The Past, Threatens The Future1296 Words   |  6 Pageshas also caused people to be segregated and enslaved. Racism, the belief that one race is superior to another according to the Webster dictionary, has left a big stain on the carpet of American history. Racism in America today is influenced by the media, exaggerated by the people, and is able to be fixed. The origins of racism go as far back as the 1600’s. During the Enlightenment, people began to think that the human race should be unified and not separated by race. According to George MRead MoreEssay Language is Power—Sexist Patriarchal Power1741 Words   |  7 Pagesexperiences, as passive rather than active, is a result of the ancient myth of gender dichotomization. This myth is an absolutist story that limits our capacities for greater social development. We —both men and women— must become actively aware of this pernicious myth, in order to overcome the obstacles women face as they seek greater social, political, and economic power. Language, myth, and power are three entangled elements we use to identify ourselves in a culture. National Public Radio’s Susan StambergRead MoreThe Stonewall Riot of 1969830 Words   |  3 Pageshomophobic and oppressive landscape of society, gay men and women were rejecting the negative social implications that were tethered to homosexuality when they willingly admitted to being gay. Even while facing the risk of social and political exclusion, violence, and even jail, gay individuals were demanding acceptance for who they were, taking control over how they saw themselves, and bravely building a movement and a community of their own. What once had been a sexually deviant underground skewed fromRead MoreSocial Media And Current Technology Availability For Children And Young Adults1723 Words   |  7 PagesThis is just the beginning Social media have grown tremendously this past couple years. The number of social media websites has increased from single digit to double digit different sites in the course of 10 years. Facebook, established in 2004, has become a vital part of people’s everyday lives. With this website, there is a â€Å"friend† system, which the users can communicate with each other through messages, comments, posts, or group system. Serving to connect people from around the world, FacebookRead MoreRonald Reagan And The Struggle For Black Dignity1067 Words   |  5 Pagesexecuting his intentions in relation to racial discrimination is questionable due to Reagan’s obvious priority of anticommunism over anti-racial discrimination. Race Relations in the 1940s According to the author, in 1946, Neo-fascism and racial violence was on the rise.Due to this, investigations of the Ku Klux Klan began to intensify. Ronald Reagan, a well respected actor, began putting his effort into fixing the problem of segregation and racial discrimination. September 1946, a radio show beganRead MoreFeminism : A Negative Effect On Society1608 Words   |  7 Pageslong as there is inequality in this world, there must be a solution to end feminism. Feminist media criticism and practice began as a challenge to the culture industry s misrepresentations of women. Watkins and Emerson state that, â€Å"popular media culture came under increasing attack as a particularly pernicious site of gender inequality† (151-66). Females are represented by the false information the media says about them. Many females are called awful names and treated horribly by the misogynistsRead More Bullying in our Schools Essay1375 Words   |  6 PagesLittleton, CO; Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold opened fire on their classmates, thirteen of whom died of their injuries. Although the mass media jumped to blame the tragedy on violent video games and music, most local sources mentioned that Harris and Klebold had constantly been the victims of bullies, some of whom were among the deceased. The media quickly picked up the trail and led with their new story: victims of bullying had brutally fought back against their tormentors. AppropriatelyR ead MoreEssay on Menace II Society: Catching Up With You1424 Words   |  6 Pagesabout ghetto life† (Chicago Reader). Menace II Society is a 1993 drama that expounds on practical social issues of the black community encountered on a diurnal basis, and how those social issues are broadcasted deceptively and insincerely within mass media. With the amalgamated talents of directors Albert and Allen Hughes, alongside entertainers suchlike: Tyrin Turner (Kaydee â€Å"Caine† Lawson), Jada Pinkett-Smith (Ronnie), Larenz Tate (Kevin â€Å"O-Dog† Anderson), and so forth, Menace II Society was granted

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Product Portfolio Strategic Marketing- Click Here to Get Solution

Question: This assignment has been designed to allow students the opportunity to explore the underlying importance of marketing and a marketing philosophy within organisations, and to society as a whole. Assessment Task Most organisations offer more than one product or service..The advantage here is that the various products the product portfolio can be managed so that they are not all in the same phase in their life cycles. Having products evenly spread across life cycles allows for the most efficient use of both cash and human resources. Answer: Introduction Nokia Corporation is a multinational organization wander, aimed on going on things and relationship in the remote information trades, data progress and wired business winds. Head office situated in Keilaniemi, Espoo, Finland. The company is one of the snappiest making relationship in the world. In a matter of seconds, they consist of more than 120,000 masters throughout the planet with yearly wage of 52 billion up to 2008. The organization at present makes a wide amassing of cell phones and PDAs despite a humble social event of beautification despite focusing on mobile phones and IT contraptions, Nokia as well offers mechanized colleague data, course affiliations, and Internet affiliations. Nokia is the second most basic adaptable shipper by complting 85.3 million oders in 4Q 2012, after Samsung who achieved 105.5 million oder shipment. Amidst that time, Samsung and Nokia charged the industry bit of the general business which were 22% and 18%, only. Offending having an unending chang e of total business transactions in 2012s last quarter. The company has encountered a networking loss for goodness' sake considered 3,106 million. As appeared by the statement of Nokia's mission, they plan to overhaul connection among versatile phone customers clearing. The organization continues with their aim to go on noticeable contraptions that offer entry to a wide game-plan of occupations and lovely parties. The company does not simply offer applications to its remote contraptions before long, in like route for its Internet-associated with segment phones which offer the best wide experience and regard suggestion. Product Portfolio Managing theincreasing amount of trafficon our system of lines and staying connected in the quickly changing industry landscape is a huge challenge. Above that, we have to handle our functions and keep record of the business (Doorasamy, 2015).No matter its the newest network technology, or procedures to help usmanage our business better organized way, our products might help us to stay competitive and growing revenue. Nokia Networks offerings? Customer Experience Management (CEM) Gain awholly, actual viewof our subscribers,and turning this perspective into aimed actionsthat make the experience of the customer better and drive loyalty and profitability (Nokia down on networks; but up on handsets, 2001). Developed Packet core Prime our networks for theintense display in data and signaling jamin mobile networks. Convergence/ IMS Provide a smooth developing path regarding anall-IP corewith IMS as the main controller of demand for LTE networks offering multimedia and voice services. Mobile broadband Operations Support Systems (OSS) Smart OSS helps you function your network to make certain better experience of customer in a cost-effective way. IP Partner products Leverage the correct skills, solutions and partners to sustain yourIP transformation process. 7. Subscriber data management Unlock the worth of customer data. Transport networks Get the quickest connectionsaround mobile and fixed environments to effectively manage explosive growth of traffic. Customer Experience Management (CEM) High Quality, High Price Evolved Packet core High Quality, Low Price Convergence/ IMS High Quality, High Price Mobile broadband Low Quality, High Price Operations Support Systems (OSS) High Quality, Low Price IP Partner products Low quality, Low Price Subscriber data management High Quality, Low Price Transport networks Low Quality, High Price Product Life Cycle Product life cycle of a brand is an essential thought in publicizing. It delineates the platform a product experiences from since it was at first taken in to consideration until it at last is expelled from the business division. Not all products finish this last step. Some proceed to make and others rise and fall (Susman, 1994). Stages Time Duration Introduction 1995-2002 Growth 2002-2009 Maturity 2009-2011 Decline 11-Till Now Figure 1 Introduction Stage (1995-2002) Launched very few models because of less demand. Both CDMA and GSM phones were sold. Launched its 1st model Nokia 2110 with Nokia tune as ringtone. It was the first model of receiving and sending SMSs. Competed with Motorola the market leader of that time. Nokia went along Price Skimming Policy (Nokia commits to single joint venture, 2003). Nokia almost never followed any discount policy, it gave a generous amount of backend to the retailers. Able to move factors of the mobile attracted the buyers without any marketing schemes. Growth Stage (2002-2009) Growth Rate 1120% Started phones without any external antenna, had much better features such as alarms, ergonomic keypads, games, etc. Models such as Nokia 3315 3310 marked the starting of the growth stage. Nokia also launched N95 to outperform other phones (Salonen and Gabrielsson, 2012). Followed Price Skimming Strategy in initial growth stage. As popularity and profits increased prices were slashed up to 5000 rupees for models like 3310 and 3315. Afterwards on in the upcoming years the company adopted the Price Penetration Strategy. Postpaid connections were given free with Nokia phones. Persons who owned Pager when bought Nokia phones discounts on postpaid tariffs were given. Dealers and wholesalers got a large Maturity Stage (2009-2011) Growth rate 45% Nokia launched a few touch screen models, launched QWERTY keypad models and focused on E series models to compete with Blackberry. Attractive, good and secured packaging was started during the period. Followed Price Penetration Strategy for continuing growth (Rodrigues, Maccari and Lenzi). Launched models ranging from 1000 to 25000. Often reduced prices of low end models for competing with LG, Micromax, etc. When purchasing N8 with Nokia Bluetooth stereo headset combo offers were given. Sennheiser headset was given free with selected models. Scratch cards were offered to the customers to avail instant discount. Decline Stage (2011-Till Now) Growth Rate 62% Symbian Os was upgraded with 3 Belle. The organization shifted focus towards making windows as its main OS. Launched its first Windows phone and gave Symbian to only low end models (Nokia touchscreen creates texture illusion, 2010). Continuation of Price Penetration Strategy was done as companys profit declined due to close competition from Samsung Micromax, etc, had mobiles ranging from 1000 to 30000. Lowering in price also lead to downfall in quality. Company distributed freebees like wrist watches a t-shirts with the product logos, retailers were also encouraged for sailing Lumia phone by giving them extra incentives for the sale. Pricing Decision in context of PPM and PLC Pricing during introduction stage Nokia followed Price Skimming Policy. Nokia almost never followed any discount policy, it gave a good sum of backend to the wholesalers. Mobility factors of the mobile attracted the buyers without any schemes for promotion. Pricing during Growth Stage Followed Price Skimming Strategy in initial growth stage. As popularity and profits increased prices were slashed up to 5000 rupees for models like 3310 and 3315. Later on in the coming years Nokia adopted the Price Penetration Strategy. Postpaid connections were given free with Nokia phones. Persons who owned Pager when bought Nokia phones discounts on postpaid tariffs were given. Dealers and retailers got a large amount of backend profit top increase the sale and drive growth. Pricing during Maturity Stage Attractive, good and secured packaging was started during the period. Followed Price Penetration Strategy for continuing growth. Launched models ranging from 1000 to 25000. Often reduced prices of low end models for competing with LG, Micromax, etc, When purchasing N8 with Nokia Bluetooth stereo headset combo offers were given. Sennheiser headset was given free with selected models. Scratch cards were gifted to the consumers to get instant discount. Pricing during Decline Stage Price Penetration Strategy was continued as companys profit declined due to tough fight from Samsung Micromax, etc, Had mobiles ranging from 1000 to 30000. Lowering in price also lead to downfall in quality. Company distributed freebees like wrist watches and t-shirts with the product logos, retailers were also encouraged for sailing Lumia phone by giving them extra incentives for the sale. Competition In the present situation Nokia Networks considers five affiliations Ericsson, Alcatel-Lucent, Samsung, Huawei, and ZTE to be its standard adversaries as fundamental versatile structure establishment suppliers. Nokia Networks in like path fights with IT relationship, for instance, Cisco Systems and Oracle (Nokia outsources for first time, 2001). The actuated wireless working system Android, Google released in 2008, changed into another business piece change. The actuated mobile phone storm drove by iPhone and Android has ended up being business division standard. Curiously, Nokia excluded the basic position of the cellular telephone bit of the pie, the masterminding dropped to the third. Also obnoxious, Nokia's offer of the pushed cell market in 2011 has dropped from 33% in 2010 to not totally a quarter far lower than Apple and Samsung. As displayed by the versatile Internet customers' behavior research study in 2012 done by CNNIC, half of Nokia's remote customers anticipated that wou ld buy pushed cell later on, of which overwhelming part picked the Android structure, and an area picked IOS system. Gigantic customer trading assembled that the destiny of Nokia's cell telephone bit of the general business would move diminish, Nokia was testing how to take after new customers, and moreover how to hold the old customers (Nokia outsources for first time, 2001). Examination Consulting's report released in December 2012 exhibited that for the secretly run organization locale of telephone arrangements, Samsung changed into the business part pioneer took after by Apple, HUAWEI, Lenovo and HTC took after. External and Macro-Level Effects Common checking is the viewing, assessing, and diffusing of data from the outside and inward environment to key individuals inside the endeavor or association. Consistent reviewing is a strategy for get-together, dissecting, and coordinating data for imperative or essential purposes. The ecological assessing process incorporates securing both legitimate and subjective data on the business circumstances in which an affiliation is working or considering entering(Lodhia, 2007). There are three modes by which affiliations channel their surroundings: o particularly designated checking - short term, extraordinary examinations if all else fails started by an emergency: affiliations break down it environment as an aftereffect of emergency that is affecting the relationship as of now and separate the circumstance to know whether the issue is internal or outside; Strategic Environmental sifting and affiliation execution in a Competitive Business most to an incredible degree careful affiliation s can see environment checking as an endeavor that ought to be done in many cases and in light of current circumstances, a broad portion of such affiliations do it dependably; steady checking in like way got interminable learning persistent sorted out information collecting and anticipating a sweeping degree of ordinary variables(Draper, 2006). Application of SWOT analysis is a yield of the inside and outside environment is a significant part of the key arranging process. Organic segments inside to the firm generally speaking can be named qualities (S) or insufficiencies (W), and those outside to the firm can be doled out open entryways (O) or dangers (T)(Composites industry gets SWOT analysis, 2001). Such an examination of the key environment is suggested as a SWOT examination. The SWOT examination gives data that is significant in sorting out the association's advantages and capacities to the connected with environment in which it works. In light of current circumstances, it is instrumental in system listing and determination. Application of PESTLE analysis is an impairment examination stays for Political, Economic, Social-social, and Technological examination and portrays a game-plan of full scale environmental sections used as a part of the trademark detaching fragment of key affiliation. It is a part of the outside examination when driving a noteworthy examination or doing quantifiable thinking about, and gives a chart of the different full scale typical bits that the alliance needs to consider. It is an imperative key instrument for appreciation business fragment change or rot, business position, potential and course for operations(Srdjevic, Bajcetic and Srdjevic, 2012). The making enormity of normal or regular fragments in the rule decade of the 21st century have offered move to green business and engaged in all cases use of an upgraded assortment of the PEST structure. Creation Political variables regard how and to what degree a speaking to body plead for somebody in the economy. Especially, politica l fragments join spaces, for example work law, charge plan, trade containments, consistent law, charges, and political security. Political parts may furthermore join things and affiliations which the affiliation needs to give or be given and those that the social event does not have any yearning to be given. Besides, have staggering result on the thriving, arranging, and nations base. Budgetary fragments join cash regarding change, exchange rates, credit costs and the headway rate. These variables affect how affiliations function and pick. Effect on PPM PLC Environment filtering is the course of action of managing the estimation, projection and assessment of changes in the specific environment variables. By a long shot by a long shot the greater part of the affiliation today are making fluctuating sorts of structures that will control them in their business surroundings, and this must be refined through the examination of the earth. It's passed on some centrality to ecological taking a gander at as takes after the earth is skilled in nature, subsequently isolating is crucial to stay instructed concerning transform; it uncovers the parts or pieces that constitute risks and chance to the general centers of the association together; contender's exercises can be watched and fitting systems set up to check market obstruction; it gives noteworthy inputs to the demonstrating and execution of strong driving procedures(Machine monitoring with PLC support, 1993). Influence of PPM PLC on product development Nokia has a long obligation in driving Life Cycle Assessments or LCAs and has done standard effect examinations since the reason for meeting of the 1990's. They have perpetually updated our assessments, including structures and stock information, to change them to better outline our things. By and large Nokia has guided new frameworks as they have been passed on and have could be accessible(Peltola and Mkinen, 2014). Beginning late Nokia has partaken in the Directorate General for the Environment's street attempting of Product Environmental Footprint control other than in the pilot test by Directorate General for Communications Networks, Content and Technology to test the distinctive methodology to audit the centrality use and nursery gas arrivals of ICT. LCA is a key contraption as it gives a quantitative purpose for measuring supportability. At Nokia, LCA is utilized for event to figure the common effect of things and exercises and looking over and seeing the crucial execution after some time. The key focus of the system is to diminish the ordinary effect by managing the genuine affiliation process. The possible results of the LCAs are utilized inside to see the key stages in the thing life cycle, for event where the best wellsprings of discharges and vitality use by system for telephone life cycle happen, and to make a move to minimize these effects(Cooper, Godwin and Hall, 2007). Despite the way that remotely Nokia just gives regular change effect and centrality use stock information, other basic effect sales are considered inside in key activity to maintain a strategic distance from weight moving to different classes. Selecting the basic effect classes for particular things should be finished with enough learning and data to back the choice up. Figuring even only the nursery gas or GHG discharges for our things requires wide work and research in light of the multifaceted method for our things and long and complex supply chains. Length of Nokias PLC The basic cellphone of Nokia entered individuals' tenure as a contraption of connecting, and was shockingly devoted to phone rings to be made for the nonattendance of settled phone. On that day, individuals could in no way, shape or form at all, by any methods, envision regarding they could utilize mobile phones to listen to any kind of music, view recordings, Internet surfing, redirections of play and even go shopping(Cooper, Steinbock and Lowenstein, 2001). As time goes on, with the movement and change of science and change, mobiles showed up in individuals' life, organized solid machine was not gifted to satisfy the new needs of individuals, cell phones producers started to handle that mobiles must be upgraded. Right when the mobile phone was standard in the business range distinctive years back, the more focal bit of customers gave cautious thought to the believable eat up of mobiles, for occasion, life of the battery and cell phones' drop number in relationship of the budgetary level cutoff, their buy practices were including all the all the moreover driving forward, target and veritable; in any case, individuals' remuneration ended up being essentially in twenty-first century, purchasing remote was no more as purposely beginning now, mobiles was more considered as joy contraptions, the buy conduct is more vivacious and activity. No ifs ands or buts, even with the redesigns of the business part and client request, Nokia still got the headway sorted out and thing arranged structures to control the movement of things, kept supporting the general properties of Nokia mobiles anomalous for event, the company was trying to create its cell phone which will be difficult to broken, then abused better approaches to manage regulate direct open up its life of the battery cross, and built up the pixel of cellular telephones to play out the cameras' standard(Cooper, Steinbock and Lowenstein, 2001). The heads concentrate on things and change a ton, checking on the last f ocus to remissness that the essentials of buyers have changed with the business division showing specific qualities. Essential power that wasn't set up on client's impact lead the company not just to divide itself from the business division, slight the authentic wants of purchasers, other than to do much sit still work. Customer Segments of the Nokias PLC Past picking which bits of the business part it will concentrate on, the association must settle on a quality proposal on how it will make pulled back worth for centered pieces and what positions it needs to join into those sections. A thing's position is the way the thing is depicted by clients on central qualities the spot the thing has in purchasers' brains concerning taking up with things. Things are made in the moved office, brands are made in the mind. Nokia is unmistakably using Differentiation system, which is a mixture of high division ground and target scope clearing(Haneef et al., 2014). Bunch in the showcasing mix for the Nokia 820 occurs in the Product and Price portions of the pushing mix. Nokia Lumia 920 is additionally bound, yet just a small part of the showcasing mix. Moreover the cost of the 920 is smaller and mid-related for the business section, it is not left alone. The mobiles are pulled once more from its marketers in the Product portion of the showcasing mix with their non- physical and physical properties. The real traits of the 820 and 920 are the approach of the thing other than the varying tones that are amped up for the buyers. The shades present customization for the device and differentiate the things from foes, for case, Apple and Samsung. The two affiliations routinely offer their mobiles in only two shades. The device is limit in a non-physical method through the organization's connection with Microsoft. The first to make a cellular telephone running Windows programming is Nokia, and now it is driving a more perceptible number of Windows phones than any of its foes. The Lumia1020 is other than separated by its innovative degrees of movement, for case, its dynamic camera. Nokia 920 and 820 both offer distant charging, which is another and innovative contribution for the Indian business zone(Haneef et al., 2014). Conclusion Nokia's focal target is to recuperate its drive position in the telephone market. The affiliation sees most urgent potential for finishing its objective in the relationship with Microsoft. As showed up by the earth examination the huge issue for the collaboration is the danger from existing adversaries. Apple Inc and Samsung are the business part pioneers, association with innovative things and shocking impelling technique. Apple is using apportioning framework while showing its things, and Samsung is using division technique for the lion's offer of its things except for its lead contraption. Nokia has made some spellbinding things in the Lumia game-plan, with amazingly huge influences and bewildering game-plans. However the business division achievement of these things has not been so sensational and Nokia did not finish its goal of changing into a business region pioneer in Europe. As showed up by the examination the clarification behind this isn't right usage of showcasing system and especially issues with the organizing of the things. References Composites industry gets SWOT analysis. (2001).Materials Today, 4(3), p.21. Cooper, J., Godwin, C. and Hall, E. (2007). Modeling process and material alternatives in life cycle assessments.Int J Life Cycle Assess, 13(2), pp.115-123. Cooper, R., Steinbock, D. and Lowenstein, R. (2001). The Nokia Revolution: The Story of an Extraordinary Company That Transformed an Industry.Foreign Affairs, 80(6), p.176. Draper, H. (2006). Strategic Environmental Assessment in Action.ENP, 8(02). Haneef, Z., Raza Rizvi, S., Madni, H., Khakwani, A. and Rizwan, M. (2014). Customer Loyalty of Nokia Mobiles; an Empirical Study Conducted In Pakistan.JSR, 5(1). Nokia down on networks; but up on handsets. (2001). III-Vs Review, 14(8), p.6. Nokia outsources for first time. (2001). III-Vs Review, 14(9), p.4. Lodhia, P. 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Crimes Of The Heart Essays - Crimes Of The Heart,

Crime's Of The Heart Crimes of the Heart A-D A. Where is the play? 1. Hazlehurst, Mississippi USA 2. The scenes take place in the home of the Magrath sisters. (Actually it's their grandfather's house, but it is cared for and inhabited primarily by Lenny Magrath.) 3. The house is old, the exact age and condition is not described. B. When is the play? 1. The play takes place in the summer sometime during the late 19 70's to early 1980's. 2. The play takes place soon after the birthday of Lenny Magrath, which has a special significance to the characters. C. Who is in the play? 1.The 3 Magrath sisters, Lenny, Babe, and Meggy, are the main cluster of characters. The other three characters are Chick, a Magrath cousin, Barnette, Babe's attorney, and Doc Porter, an old friend of Meg and Lenny. A character that is often talked about is Granddaddy, yet he is never seen. 1. The Magrath sisters complete the different portions that fufill society's image of an ordinary woman. Each of these women play the roles that a normal woman plays such as wife, mother, daughter, and sister. Barnette is a lawyer who is defending Babe, whom he is infatuated with. Doc Porter is a father of two and a husband who once wanted to be a doctor, who now apparently owns a small ranch, he also spent time as a house painter. Granddaddy is an old man who is in the hospital. 2. It seems that all the characters have a mutual respect for each other, aside from Chick who has strong opinions concerning Meg. As I have mentioned the character of Barnette is infatuated with Babe. Babe and Lenny both feel that Meg has always been treated better by their Grandmother and Grandfather. 3. Lenny has a poor self image. 4. The Characters all live in a democratic nation. 5. The characters pay no attention to religion, it is rarely mentioned in the play. 6. The prevailing attitudes of the characters are that family is important, sex is not considered a bad thing. They seem to consider anything that can be rationally justified as ethical. They seem to live within these attitudes quite peacefully. D. What Happened before the play began? 1. Long before the play began the Magrath sisters' mother apparently hung herself along with the her cat. 2. After the mothers death the grandparents took custody of the girls. 3. The grandmother died. 4. The Magrath sisters were taken care of by the grandfather solely after that. 5. Meg abandoned Doc Porter in Biloxi during a hurricane. 6. Babe Married Botrelle. 7. Lenny met her man from Memphis. 8. Babe shot Botrelle. 9. Lenny wired Meg telling her to come home.

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Examine how Shakespeare explores the role of women in Hamlet Essays

Examine how Shakespeare explores the role of women in Hamlet Essays Examine how Shakespeare explores the role of women in Hamlet Paper Examine how Shakespeare explores the role of women in Hamlet Paper Frailty, thy name is woman Hamlet famously exclaims in the first act of William Shakespeares longest drama, and one of the most probing plays ever to be performed on stage. It was written around the year 1600 in the final years of the reign of Queen Elizabeth I, an era of real uncertainty and confusion; while the prospect of Elizabeths death and the question of who would succeed her brought grave anxiety to the nation as a whole, the rise of the Renaissance movement gave rise to many challenges and unanswered questions to the old ideals and beliefs that were for such a long time embedded in every Englishmans soul and mind. Women during that time had no role in society; traditionally, they occupied different spheres to men and so were expected to be completely obedient to their husbands, to do all the house duties and to raise their children up on the very same image of society at the time. In Hamlet, through the characters of Gertrude and Ophelia, Shakespeare reflects on this truth: both are disrespected, insulted, abused and manipulated by the leading male characters, and both die due to tragic circumstances. Thus, through the illustration of the two characters, Queen Gertrude and Ophelia, Shakespeare is able to explore the role of women in society, touching on many controversial contemporary issues under the mask of beautifully constructed lies of poetry and an unpredictable cycle of events, which tragically ends with the deaths of two of Shakespeares most infamous female characters. The use of Ophelia in Hamlet explores the idea of women as mere objects and pawns for others to use through the word love. Throughout the play, Ophelia is subjected to Hamlets abuse and madness as well as her own obedience to those of authority without real compensation or gratitude. The verbal abuse and manipulation that Hamlet puts Ophelia through as well as the ploy that Claudius and Polonius subject to her are examples of the extent to which men will use women in the name of love to benefit themselves. While such treatment would be shocking to a modern audience, in Shakespearean times the reality of the situation was, for most women, men did act in very much the same way Polonius does to his daughter Ophelia for example, or the way Hamlet treats his mother in the closet scene. One of the dramatic climaxes of the play, the closet scene provides an important insight into Gertrudes character and the way she, like Ophelia, is largely influenced by the male characters in the play. For Gertrude, the scene progresses as a sequence of great shocks, each of which weaken her resistance to Hamlets condemnation of her behaviour; she is haughty at the beginning, then afraid that Hamlet will hurt her, shocked and upset when Hamlet kills Polonius, overwhelmed by fear and panic as Hamlet accosts her and disbelieving when Hamlet sees the ghost. Finally, she is contrite towards her son and apparently willing to take his part and help him, having been convinced by Hamlets power of feeling. This illustrates what many critics have felt to be her central characteristic: her tendency to be dominated by powerful men and her need for men to show her what to think and how to feel. From this interpretation, it is easy to see why Gertrude would have turned to Claudius so soon after her husbands death, and also why she so quickly adopts Hamlets point of view in the closet scene. Moreover, it is perhaps due to her powerful instinct for self-preservation and advancement that leads Gertrude to rely too deeply on men. Not only does this interpretation explain her behaviour throughout much of the play, it also links her thematically to Ophelia, the plays other important female character, who is also submissive and utterly dependent on men. In act one scene three, almost as soon as Laertes finishes lecturing his sister about her sexuality, her father, Polonius gives Ophelia his advice about the matter as well. Here, Ophelia is what Feminist critic, Elaine Showalter, calls a consistent study in psychological intimidation, a girl terrified of her father, of her lover, and of life itself. In his movie Kenneth Branagh presents Ophelia as an intimidated victim. Polonius scoffs at Ophelias suggestion that Hamlets interest in her is romantic, and instead warns her that she had better not make him the grandfather of a bastard grandchild. Branagh shoots this scene in a chapel which in itself had overtones of patriarchal religion, sin, and guilt, but Branagh also chooses to film Ophelia and Polonius behind barred doors. This visualization helps convey how trapped by the men in her life Ophelia feels. Before she can scarcely vocalize them, Ophelias feelings are immediately negated by her brother and father, and worse, her fathers interests seem to lie less with his daughters feelings but more with his own reputation. In addition to the oppression and control exerted on her, Ophelia suffers from the Hamlets manipulation of her mentality. In some ways, it seems that he does it for simple pleasure and in other situations it seems he is simply trying to gain knowledge about the murder. In the confrontation with Ophelia, Hamlet is very abusive. He first claims that he never loved her and that the remembrances were not sent by him. His words Get thee to a nunnery: why wouldst thou be a breeder of sinners? some critics argue, reflects some of the true characteristics of Hamlet, and the men in this play in general: an ability to be cruel, which is brought out here with much emphasis. Hamlet then proceeds with, Wheres your father? which reveals his sense of unease about something and that he perhaps knows that he is being set up. Hamlet claims that he loves Ophelia, yet he criticizes and chastises her to such an extent that may have helped promote her madness. At the Mousetrap play, Hamlet is extremely vile. He talks of Nothing and the implications of the word are crude. To see also the extremes by which Hamlet treats Ophelia is overwhelming. Prior to the play, he insults her terribly and then compliments her at the play, No, good mother, heres metal more attractive (3. 2. 95), only to chastise her once again. Ophelia, being of a lower class, does nothing to escape this persecution and Hamlet seems to know this; he therefore plays off this, especially in the presence of Polonius and Claudius. One interpretation of the way Hamlet treats Ophelia at the Mousetrap play, and later on the way he deals with his mother in the closet scene, goes back to the idea of how women in the 17th century were treated like pawns at the hand of powerful men; thus the manipulation and verbal abuse of Hamlet as well as the plan of Claudius and Polonius can be seen as realities to the way that men will treat a women for the benefit of themselves. Contrary to this interpretation, some critics have argued that for Hamlet, the reality of the situation means that (he) must be their scourge and minister, meaning that he finds himself in a position whereby it is his responsibility to act as Gods agent punishing the wronged one and helping them to repent. While in his abuse of Gertrude in the closet scene, Hamlet can be seen to be Machiavellian in his cunning, wanting her to confirm her knowledge of Claudius crime or to see if she was complicit to it, a contrasting interpretation finds that Hamlet confronts his mother purely for personal reasons. In his need to convince her of his sanity, of Claudius guilt, and in his need of her love and care, Hamlet reprimands her to make her see reality the way he sees it. He feels anger for what he sees as her betrayal of his father, but in the end, having won her heart and in accordance with the Ghosts advice, he is tender and caring, asking of his mother: Forgive me this my virtue, and explaining his actions in the words I must be cruel only to be kind. In light of this view, it is not unforeseen to see a modern audience sympathising with Hamlet; not only has his father been murdered, but that the murderer himself is now married with his mother. Thus, in some way or another, Hamlets anger can be justified, and his caring attitude to his mother at the end of the closet scene can be seen as an indication of his love and respect for her despite all the events that have occurred. Gertrudes reaction to the events in this scene brings about much debate between critics and commentators of this play. Despite Gertrudes sobbing which links acts three and four together, we never get a translation of these profound heaves; Gertrude does not share a soliloquy with the audience and thus we have little sense of her as an individual. While some critics have seized on this as an example of how very little Shakespeare developed his female characters, others have seen it as a deliberate move to leave the characters and later events of the play ambiguous to the audience. As Linda Charnes says No one in this play knows or understands anyone else. Just as Gertrudes personality is left unclear throughout the play, the psychoanalyst Jacques Lacan holds that the most striking characteristic of Hamlets language is its ambiguity: everything he says is transmitted, in various degrees, through metaphor, simile and, above all, wordplay. Despite his seven soliloquies and the very many lines he takes up from the play, his utterances, in other words, have a hidden and latent meaning which often surpasses the apparent meaning, leaving him just as ambiguous as any other character. In conclusion, in many of Shakespeares plays, women, though all from a variety of situations, play important roles that determine the conclusion of the plays. Hamlet is no exception; while it is easy to see Gertrude and Ophelia as fringe characters, a closer look finds that they impact the course of events in many ways, and are used by Shakespeare to echo many hidden messages about society of the time. Although much of her character is left undeveloped, Gertrude nevertheless has a significant impact on both the plot and theme of this play. Tragically, she drinks the poison from the cup Claudius prepares for Hamlet as a show of her love and sacrifice for her son. Yet, it is through this act that we begin to understand Gertrude as a deeply misconstrued character, who is seemingly shallow but is actually intense in her feelings and emotions but perhaps feels she has to hide them because of her position in society. We also begin to understand that her frailty or tragic flaw that ultimately leads to her death is perhaps her propensity to be controlled by powerful men and her need for men to show her what to think and how to feel. Whether this is as a result of a fault in her personality or as a consequence of decades of women being oppressed and degraded by the males of society we can never be sure: Shakespeare does not pass judgement here and instead leaves Gertrudes personality deliberately ambiguous prompting much debate and argument among critics throughout the last century. However subtle, Ophelia too plays a significant role riddled with control, grief and vulnerability. She is made mad not only by circumstance but by something in herself. A personality forced into such deep hiding that it has seemed almost vacant, has all the time been so open to impressions that they now usurp her reflexes and take possession of her. She has loved, or been prepared to love, the wrong man; her father has brought disaster onto himself, and she has no mother and thus she is terribly lonely. Thus, in many ways Ophelia is the quintessence of the impact societys mistreatment of women and the deprivation of their rights as human beings has on each and every one of them. In her meek conformity, she lives in a meaningless world until her madness relieves her of the responsibility of language and she can ignore the speech of everyone else and herself speak whatever gibberish comes into her mind says one critic, Zulfikar Ghose, she is very much like a delicate, wilted, flower ruled by the men in her life, Ophelia, like many women at the time, was never allowed to blossom.

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Human Resource Management Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words - 8

Human Resource Management - Essay Example It was only the people who could lead an organization in the right direction and could individually and collectively contribute to achievement of the business objectives (Armstrong, 1992) At present Human Resource management is a fast evolving field that has emerged as one of the focal points of any business. It is Human resource management that addresses the theoretical and practical techniques of managing a workforce. Many people have the perception that only job of the human resource management department is to consider present or upcoming job vacancies and fill them with suitable staff. Well, that’s not entirely untrue but human resource management entails much more than hiring firing decisions. (Armstrong, 1992) HRM includes many different functions which contribute to organizational value in a variety of ways. Some of these functions also contribute by reducing risk. In this essay we will firstly examine the major HR functions and then consider the extent to which these functions add value and reduce risk. (Armstrong, 1992) It is important to understand that the role of HRM as a department varies from organization to organization and also between countries. For the sake of simplicity we will assume an organization where there is a significant HR department. Generally the department will be considered to have the following responsibilities: Resource Management refers to the recruitment and selection of employees within an organization. The importance of effective recruitment programs cannot be highlighted enough. The HR department is the entry point or the funnel which channels the most valuable resource of an organization, so it is important that it is aware of organizational needs and requirements and work in tandem with other departments. Therefore resource management remains to be HR departments’ key roles; newer concepts such as knowledge management are linked to Resource management as well. One important